Our Stories

Below you will find stories about the puzzles and suggestions for educational use.
Melvin the Moose

     ​I tried for many years to get pictures of a Michigan moose.  After developing my film from my Isle Royale trips I had lots of pictures of eyes looking out of the woods.  Melvin was drawn from old memories.

Marshmallow the Raccoon


     After a long day of rock climbing in Devils Lake Wisconsin, I came back to camp. Sitting on the picnic table was a large raccoon.  He had "acquired" a  brand new bag of marshmallows.  I tried to chase him off, but he sat there and ate every marshmallow. So as long as he was posing, I drew my raccoon pattern.

     The ram puzzle is modeled after my sheep on the farm. His name was Chuck. When he "went to market" he became ground chuck.
Rabbit Snake